OREANDA-NEWS. Alberta Energy Minister in Canada Sonia Savage and the region's Prime Minister Jason Kenney have proposed supplying Canadian oil to the United States instead of Russian because of the situation around Ukraine.

“Does the US want to replace Russian barrels with Venezuelan ones? You can’t think of something like that on purpose: harsh times require harsh decisions. A reminder of the folly of the energy policy of the last decade. Canada, with the third largest reserves, could supply the US and the world,” Savage wrote on her Twitter page.

Kenny, in turn, said that the United States plans to replace the export of Russian oil with the import of a resource from the "Iranian and Venezuelan dictatorships" after the lifting of sanctions.

According to the politician, the people of Alberta would be happy if US President Joe Biden paid them a visit.

“We could discuss the delivery of approximately 1 million barrels a day of responsibly produced energy from the closest friend and ally of the United States,” Kenny said, adding that the blockade of the Keystone XL pipeline at the Canada-US border must first be lifted.

Earlier, Tesla founder Elon Musk said that there is nothing to replace the export of Russian hydrocarbons. Therefore, the world should take care of its own oil and gas projects right now.