OREANDA-NEWS. Colds are depleting gas reserves in Europe, where 55.5 billion cubic meters have already been taken from underground storage facilities, which is 27.6% more than in the entire last winter, Gazprom reports.

According to the Russian gas company, the icy atmospheric front that covered Europe in February led to the depletion of gas reserves in underground storage facilities. According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, gas reserves in European UGS facilities have dropped below 40%, although only 11 days ago the level was about 50%.

According to Gazprom, 55.5 billion cubic meters of gas have already been withdrawn from European UGS facilities - a third more than was pumped in last summer.

Earlier in February, it became known that the cold front, dubbed "The Beast from the East 2", continues to devastate underground gas storage facilities in Europe. In the main gas market in Europe - in Germany - reserves decreased to 34.17 percent, in Austria - to 45.28 percent, the Czech Republic - to 41.08 percent, Poland - to 52.27 percent. The biggest decline was in France: there stocks fell to 30.07 percent.

"Already now, at the height of the heating season, 27.6% more gas has been taken from Europe's subways than in the entire last winter. These are good prospects for demand for gas from Gazprom in 2021," concludes Gazprom.