OREANDA-NEWS Germany plans to abandon gas and oil supplied by Russia. However, in this case, the country will depend on the supply of Chinese solar wind power generators, which is completely unprofitable for Berlin. Economist Vasily Koltashov said this in an interview with People's News.

“Firstly, the rejection of Russian energy carriers means a serious blow to the German industry. This means that all prices must go up. In the context of global inflation, this is the main thing that the European Union and European producers and consumers suffer from, ”the economist explained.

Secondly, the rejection of Russian fuel will hit the chemical industry in Germany. If gas can be replaced with a more expensive one, then it is almost impossible to change oil, since heavy grades are needed for production, which other countries do not have so much.

However, the main problem for the German industry will be the fact that China receives Russian fuel at a discount. “The products of the Chinese industry, including engineering, will cost even less than the German one,” Koltashov said, due to which the competition will only strengthen.

Earlier, candidate of technical sciences Alexander Vlasov explained why Russia remains the main seller of oil.