OREANDA-NEWSThe United States impedes gas cooperation between Ukraine and Russia, as it is interested in the supply of its own liquefied gas to Europe. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Alexei Kalinichenko. "While the Americans want to supply their liquefied natural gas to the European market, naturally, they will impede in every way the development of relations in the gas field between Russia and Ukraine", he said on Tuesday on the Ukrainian television channel.

In this regard, he reproached the new Ukrainian leadership for repeating the mistakes of the previous government and making Ukraine dependent on the West. "I see the dependence of the actions of the previous government, that of this power on third-party players. First of all, again we are very seriously dependent on the situation that is developing on the North American continent", the expert said.

Earlier, the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller said that in a new contract for direct gas supplies to Ukraine, the price could be reduced by 20% if several conditions are met. The gas transit and supply contracts entered into by Russia and Ukraine ten years ago expire at the end of 2019.