OREANDA-NEWS. Demand for gasoline in 2019 fell by 1%, which is a record high over the past four years. This was "Izvestia" experts of the research group "Petromarket" and the agency "Analytics of commodity markets".

According to experts, the demand for gasoline fell from 1% from January to September 2019, while in July this figure reached 1.4%. According to the specialists of Petromarket, 1% is a serious drop, since in 2016 and 2017 demand decreased by 0.4% and 0.3%, respectively, and in 2018 it grew by 0.4%. The last serious drop in demand was observed in 2015, then it decreased by 1.9%.

According to a September survey, 47% of drivers surveyed consider less likely to use a car because of expensive gasoline. Other reasons for reducing the use of a personal car were expensive car maintenance (insurance and taxes) - 16% of respondents, financial difficulties and attempts to save the budget - 15%, as well as high traffic congestion - 14%, environmental concerns - 8% and poor condition roads - 7%.