OREANDA-NEWS. Finland by the year 2030 may give up on Russian energy. This is due to the accelerated transition of the country to renewable generation, writes the newspaper «Kommersant». As a result, Russia is at risk of losing it's largest buyer with shipments of more than $289 million a year.

Earlier, the Finnish operator Fingrid published several possible options for the development of the country's energy system. In particular, by 2035, Finland intends to achieve carbon neutrality, increase the commissioning of wind and solar power plants. The capacity of wind farms in the country in 15 years may reach 22 GW. This means for Moscow the possibility of losing the largest importer of electricity. At least in two scenarios of the development of the energy system, it is assumed, that Finland will not need an energy bridge with the Russian Federation via Vyborg. Ura.ru.

«Inter RAO» is in dialogue with Finland. Rosatom's project to build the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant may also be under threat. Earlier Russia resumes some international flights, which were interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is also Finland among the countries, that Russians can fly to.