OREANDA-NEWS. The implementation of a large-scale gasification program in Russia will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 23 million tons by the end of 2024, said Alexander Ishkov, Deputy Head of Department and Head of Gazprom, at the VII International Conference Environmental Safety in the Gas Industry (ESGI-2021).

He recalled that this is the target of the roadmap for the high-tech area "Development of hydrogen energy and decarbonization of industry and transport based on natural gas", which was prepared by Gazprom and the government. One of the directions of the roadmap is called "the development of gasification of energy, industry and transport facilities to reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions in Russia as a whole."

In the materials of Gazprom, such a contract appears under the title "Comprehensive Analysis and Assessment of the Potential for Reducing Greenhouse Gas and Pollutant Emissions by Objects of the Gas Supply Development and Gasification Programs of the Russian Federation Regions for the Period of 2021-2025 Taking into Account the Prospects for Gasification Development until 2035". A year is allotted to work - until October 2022. The research budget is 25.832 million rubles.

Ishkov said that this work is being carried out by the Gazprom promgaz institute, which will have to name the exact figures for reducing emissions for the regions based on specific gasification programs.

"It also takes into account if households used coal, but will use gas, but this is the most difficult moment from the accounting point of view, because sometimes gasification took place, but gas is not consumed, etc. It is clear that transport and industry are easy to take into account," he commented.

"In the Far East, on Sakhalin, there are absolutely exact figures. There is a climate project in Sakhalin, there are reductions that they want to achieve, basically everything by almost 100% due to the use of gas, replacement of boiler houses, replacement of diesel fuel," Ishkov added.