OREANDA-NEWSThe value of Gazprom shares during morning trading on June 3 rose by more than 6%, follows from the materials of the Moscow Exchange. At the peak of the cost of securities reached 229.59 rubles. per unit, which is 6.73% higher than the closing level of trading on Friday, May 31. The level reached during the trading was the highest since 2011, the last time more expensive than the paper of Gazprom cost May 3, 2011 (232 rubles).

The rapid growth of quotations led to the fact that the capitalization of Gazprom exceeded 5.3 trillion rubles, exceeding the market value of Sberbank, which was still considered the most expensive company in Russia. On Thursday, May 30, Gazprom bypassed Sberbank at the market value of ordinary shares, however, the bank still remained ahead in overall capitalization, which also includes the value of preferred shares. However, on Monday, June 3, a change of leaders did occur - the cost of Sberbank ordinary shares currently stands at about 5.01 trillion rubles, while the preferred ones - about 205 billion more.

By 12:00 Moscow time, the value of Gazprom shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange was 227.9 rubles. (+ 5.95%), shares of Sberbank - 233.5 rubles. (+ 0.11%). In mid-May, Gazprom overtook Rosneft and LUKOIL in terms of capitalization, coming in second place in terms of capitalization. The rapid growth in the value of Gazprom’s shares began after the board of directors of the company recommended paying shareholders a record dividend of 16.61 rubles. for paper, twice more than 8.04 rubles paid at the end of 2017.

The total amount of dividends should amount to 393 billion rubles, which will be a record in the history of Russian companies. The previous record was set by Sberbank only a month earlier, having planned to pay out 361 billion rubles to shareholders. The presentation of the company to the published report states that Gazprom is developing a new dividend policy.