OREANDA-NEWS. Sanctions against the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 should be removed from the agenda with the arrival of Joe Biden as US President. This opinion was expressed on November 10 on the website of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy.

“American interference in European affairs should be a thing of the past. The US and the EU need each other as equal partners. In the policy of sanctions, we should return to a coordinated procedure based on the international law. The threat of sanctions against such a European energy project as Nord Stream 2 should be ruled out,” the statement says.

According to German entrepreneurs, the different approaches taken by the United States and the European Union with regard to international conflicts or climate protection should also give way to closer cooperation.

“The EU now has a great opportunity to re-establish a transatlantic partnership with Joe Biden and end the division in the West. We should all take this opportunity,” the Committee noted. At the same time, it was added that even under the new US president, more European independence in the areas of defense, energy policy and in technology is required.