OREANDA-NEWS Among the measures to respond to Russia's possible invasion of Ukraine, sanctions are being considered against the completed but not commissioned Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said. Speaking in the Bundestag on Thursday, January 27, Baerbock again threatened Russia with a tough response to the further escalation of the conflict with Ukraine.

«In case of a new aggression, we have a wide range of responses at our disposal, including Nord Stream -2», the German Foreign Minister said. At the same time, Baerbock expressed readiness to continue the dialogue with Moscow, and stressed: «He who talks does not shoot».

At the same time, she recalled the tough position of the West, which considers the new military aggression against Ukraine unacceptable. «The basic foundations of the European world order cannot be negotiated», Annalena Baerbock said. She also strongly criticized Russia's actions against Ukraine. «It is difficult to regard it not as a threat when hundreds of thousands of soldiers on tanks and artillery installations are being pulled together to the Ukrainian border for no explicable reason», the German minister noted.

Earlier in the day, the dpa agency, citing data from Western intelligence agencies, reported that Russia had recently continued to rapidly transfer military personnel to the border with Ukraine and increased the contingent in the border areas to 112-120 thousand.