OREANDA-NEWS. Berlin’s attempt to negotiate with the United States on the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 diplomatically without imposing counter-sanctions leads to the surrender of the sovereignty of Germany and the European Union. This was stated by official representative of the Alternative for Germany faction in the Bundestag Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, Steffen Kotre.

“Despite everything, I am confident that the project will be completed, as Russia has always found ways to cope with difficulties. The question is how broad the support of the FRG government and the EU will be. Here I see problems. The government and the chancellor stressed once again that they do not want to take countermeasures, that they want to stop at the negotiations. I believe that this is the surrender of sovereignty, it is necessary to immediately start threatening with countermeasures, for example, refusing to buy American liquefied natural gas, imposing customs duties and various sanctions. We may also think of adopting sanctions against the initiators,” Cotre explained.