OREANDA-NEWS. The German gas company VNG sees no problems with paying for gas supplies from Russia under the new scheme in rubles. It is reported by Reuters.

“We believe that the transfer to rubles will not be difficult,” VNG noted.

The company noted that they had already opened an account with Gazprombank. In this case, the amount, as planned, will be declared in euros. After that, the funds will be transferred to a Russian bank "in accordance with the planned procedure."

The press service indicated that VNG is doing everything necessary to comply with the sanctions, while ensuring gas supplies to Germany.

On May 8, Bloomberg reported that Gazprom had written a letter to its European customers explaining how to pay for gas under the sanctions. According to the agency, Gazprom told customers that the new order, published by the Kremlin on May 4, "clarifies the procedure" outlined in the original order for payments in rubles. The new order states that foreign currency received from buyers must be exchanged for rubles through accounts at the National Settlement Center of Russia.