OREANDA-NEWS. As the head of the German-Russian forum Matthias Platzeck said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the economic damage due to Berlin's possible abandonment of the Nord Stream 2 project would be enormous, but the damage to political relations between the countries as a result of such a refusal "cannot be measured at all."

The head of the German-Russian Forum is convinced that "sanctions are the wrong way, because they have not and will not lead to a positive shift in relations between Russia and Europe. On the contrary, in recent years we have seen that sanctions have rather led to a worsening of the situation: danger The military escalation in Europe has increased, political relations have collapsed, and economic relations have suffered on both sides. Therefore, I do not believe in withdrawing from Nord Stream 2. The economic damage will be huge, the political damage cannot be measured at all. "

Matthias Platzeck added that "the shutdown of Nord Stream 2 will only lead to another isolation of Russia, probably for a very long time. I think this cannot be in our interests at all."

Following the results of the previous plenary session, the deputies of the European Parliament adopted by a majority vote a resolution in connection with the case of Alexei Navalny, in which they demanded that the European Union "immediately impede the completion of the Nord Stream 2 project, as well as" sensibly strengthen "restrictive measures against the Russian Federation in connection with his detention Not everyone was talking about sanctions against the Russian Federation, but only individual countries, moreover, key countries, including Germany and Austria - partners in the construction of Nord Stream 2 - did not demand sanctions, but said that the situation with Navalny and the construction of the pipeline is not connected and should be considered separately. ”The Federal Republic of Germany said that they consider the project economic and it should be implemented.