OREANDA-NEWS. Kazakhstan has suspended oil transit through Russia because severe frosts have led to problems with power supply. This was reported by the adviser to the press secretary of the Russian energy company Transneft, Igor Dyomin.

“Due to severe frosts in the north of Kazakhstan, two regions were de-energized, including the pumping station supplying oil to the system of Transneft, and from 5:00 [Moscow time. 2:00 UTC. – Ed.] pumping from Kazakhstan was stopped until the power transmission line is restored,” Dyomin said. He also clarified that in the first ten days of January, unfavourable weather was observed in the city of Novorossiysk.

Also, in the first days of January, 47 cases of restrictions on the delivery of oil to the system were registered at the fields of Siberia due to low temperatures. Nevertheless, disfunctions are insignificant, they are likely to be corrected by the end of the current month.