OREANDA-NEWSThe Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is an example of a disrespectful attitude towards the EU’s common policy. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkavicius stated this to the Croatian Internet portal Euractiv Croatia. According to him, in the European Union an agreement was reached on common principles of energy policy in order to avoid dependence on energy supplies from one source. "This is a fairly simple principle, but it is sometimes not adhered to", asserted Linkiavicius. He considers the Nord Stream 2 project as an example of this. "This project is an example of disrespect for our policies and their consistency", said the Foreign Minister.

According to him, the unity of the EU is facing other challenges. "There are acute problems associated with the release of Great Britain from the EU, the tense situation in the euro area, the intensification of political radicalism", Linkyavichyus said. "There is instability in the region, and militaristic statements are used in political speeches. This is disturbing, and we need to understand this as a challenge and give an answer", the minister concluded. Linkyavichus recalled that at one time these principles led to a halt in the construction of South Stream.

The Nord Stream - 2 project involves the construction of 9.5 billion euros of two gas lines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea (the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden and Denmark) to Germany. Most European countries support the project and participate in its implementation. Especially often this has to be declared by Germany, which is constantly under pressure from Washington. Against the pipeline stand Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine.