OREANDA-NEWSThe restrictions on the sale of fuel in the network of Lukoil filling stations in Belarus are due to the fact that the country's refineries do not fully fulfill the contractual obligations for deliveries, the Russian media reported in the company.

“The company purchases petroleum products in the Republic of Belarus under long-term contracts with Belarusian refineries. At present, the fulfillment of contractual obligations by refineries is not carried out in full”, the commentary says.

The Belarusian subsidiary of the company daily informs state agencies about the residues of oil products at gas stations and oil depots, "while ensuring the loading of stations and the employment of personnel - citizens of Belarus". “The company is in constant dialogue with Belarusian oil refineries with the aim of resolving the situation with limited shipments as soon as possible”, Lukoil assured.

Earlier, the Belarusian publication tut.by reported that a number of Lukoil gas stations introduced restrictions on the sale of fuel. The publication noted that the Belarusian network of gas stations owned by Russian oil companies was denied the supply of petroleum products from refineries.