OREANDA-NEWSOil company Saudi Aramco revealed official export oil prices for May. For Asia, prices have been reduced, while for the United States they have risen. About this writes Bloomberg with reference to the document of the company, which was reviewed by the agency.

As follows from the document, May prices for deliveries to Asia were reduced by $ 2.95- $ 5.5 per barrel. For the US market, prices rose $ 2.50- $ 4.2. For Europe, prices have remained unchanged. On Sunday, Saudi Aramco again postponed the pricing schedule for May exports. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the new postponement was due to ongoing negotiations to reduce oil production between Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

On April 12, 2020, it became known that the OPEC+ countries entered into an agreement to reduce production after negotiations. OPEC+ countries at an emergency meeting agreed to reduce production by all 23 countries. However, the total decline won't be 10 million barrels per day, as planned, but 9.7 million barrels, since Mexico hasn't changed its position and hasn't agreed to a quota of 400 thousand barrels.