OREANDA-NEWSBelarus expects the arrival of a tanker with the first batch of oil of 80 thousand tons, purchased from the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco in the port of Lithuania (Klaipeda) on May 12. This was announced on Monday by the press secretary of the Belneftekhim concern Alexander Tishchenko.

The supply of Arab oil to Belarus will occur, despite the restoration of the supply of raw materials to Russia from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline. The Belarusian authorities agreed on oil supplies with large Russian companies at the end of March after a three-month break.

In April, Belarusian refineries received 2 million tons of oil, of which 1.56 million tons came from Russia. Plans for May include the purchase of 1.13 million tons of Russian oil. In addition, the country began to buy tanker oil from other alternative suppliers (from Norway, Azerbaijan) through Lithuania and Ukraine.