OREANDA-NEWSThe model of separation of the gas transmission system operator from Naftogaz of Ukraine (anbanding), which is supported by the government, will weaken the company's position at the tripartite gas negotiations and threaten to lose to Gazprom in the new arbitration. This was written on Facebook by the executive director of Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko.

He recalled that the Cabinet insists on anandling according to the OU model, adopted in July 2016. “The choice of this model of anandling can be a loss to Gazprom in the new arbitration, which Gazprom has already initiated, about $ 3 billion instead of winning $ 11-14 billion,” said Vitrenko. According to him, the company provided the government with opinions from lawyers and experts, who explained why it is necessary to choose a different model of anandling - ISO. Vitrenko noted that in accordance with both models, the GTS operator will be separated from Naftogaz in 2020.

He explained that the government-supported model would weaken Kiev’s bargaining position at the tripartite gas transit negotiations after 2019. “If this model is implemented, then Gazprom will be able to demand a reduction of our transit tariff in the arbitration, and that’s why we will have to return $ 3 billion to Gazprom,” he stressed. The OU model provides for the removal of the operator and GTS outside the Naftogaz group, and if the ISO model is chosen, the gas transportation assets will remain with the company, but the operator will be transferred to an independent body.

Hearings on the claim of Gazprom to amend or terminate the gas transit contract and on the requirements of Naftogaz to recover $ 11.58 billion from the Russian company were scheduled for April — May 2021.