OREANDA-NEWS Gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream gas pipeline may be reduced by 22% on Monday, June 13, according to data from Nord Stream AG, the pipeline operator, Gazeta.ru reported.

June 13, the supply of gas is scheduled at 4.7 million cubic meters per hour, which is a little more than 113 million cubic meters per day. This figure is 22% less than the previous day, when the volume of deliveries was 145 million cubic meters of gas. On average, the May level was 34% higher and remained at 170 million cubic meters.

According to the Gas Transmission Operator of Ukraine, the gas supply through Ukraine will be at the level of the previous days. As of June 13, the demand for transportation of gas made up 41.9 million cubic meters.

Earlier, Sergey Kolobanov, deputy head of the "Economics of Fuel and Energy Sector" section of the Center for Strategic Research, said that Russia may resume gas supplies to the Baltic states starting from autumn because of the situation on the gas market in Europe.