OREANDA-NEWS. Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the gas pipeline of the same name, asked the Danish Energy Agency to allow the use of anchored vessels.

Earlier, Copenhagen allowed to use only ships equipped with a dynamic positioning system during construction, they can be held at a given point without dropping anchors. Now, Nord Stream 2 AG has submitted a request to amend the previously issued permit, according to which it could use anchored pipe-layers. “A similar technology has already been successfully used during the construction of the Danish section of the exploited gas pipeline Nord Stream, as well as during the construction of the gas pipeline section of Nord Stream 2 in German waters,” the company noted.

Denmark issued a permit for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 section of approximately 150 kilometers in October 2019. In December, the USA imposed sanctions against the pipeline, and the Swiss company Allseas withdrew its ships equipped with a dynamic positioning system from the construction area.

The only Russian vessel that meets the requirements of Denmark and able to complete the project is Akademik Chersky. In early May, after a several-month journey from the Far East, she arrived in the German port of Mukran, but has not yet begun construction.

The Russian pipe-layer Fortuna is also in Mukran. Previously, the vessel was used in the construction of Nord Stream 2 in the Russian water area. However, she cannot work in Danish waters, being equipped only with an anchor positioning system.