OREANDA-NEWS. Poland is losing its position as a transit country for Russian gas, says Andrzej Szczęsnyak, an expert in the field of the fuel market and energy security.

"There is no export gas going through the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. That is, the Russians supply gas for our needs, this is a small volume - 2.5 billion cubic meters, but 30 billion cubic meters, which is one and a half times more than Poland consumes a year. is not going to Germany at the moment, ”Szchensnyak said in an interview with radio station RMF FM.

"And this is a problem for Poland, because, firstly, we are losing a transit position, and secondly, we do not receive income from the maintenance of the pipeline," he added.

The expert believes that Poland has recently become a backup route for natural gas transit for Russia. "The Russians began to view Poland as a reserve section. This means that if they have enough other pipelines, such as Nord Stream 1, Turkish or Ukrainian sections, they transport through these pipelines. And Poland is considered as a reserve section, that is, if there is no demand , then they are not sent there, "he said.

"This means that the Polish company incurs huge costs for the maintenance of the entire infrastructure, but there is no income. Here we are victims of a great geopolitical game, over our heads on the one hand Russia, on the other Germany, but also the United States," Szczęsnyak said.

“Poland here is more of a field of play than an independent player,” the expert says.