OREANDA-NEWSThe Ministry of Energy of Poland asked the Russian energy department to take urgent measures to restore the supply of high-quality oil through the Druzhba pipeline. The corresponding statement was distributed on Tuesday by the Polish Ministry of Energy. 

“Due to the lack of reaction of Russian oil suppliers to requests from Polish refineries to transfer a reliable schedule for the Russian side to completely eliminate contaminated oil from the pipeline and compensate for losses incurred due to ingestion of contaminated oil, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tkuzhevsky addressed his colleague on May 21, 2019 To the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, with a request for urgent measures for the speedy restoration of the patency of the system [transfer of oil] and the supply of pure oil", the Polish domstva.

"At the same time, the Ministry of Energy continues to monitor the situation in the supply of oil for Polish refineries and demand in the fuel market. According to the oil sector, refining at Polish refineries is carried out smoothly, based on deliveries made through the oil port and the required reserves unlocked by the Minister of Energy" informed the Ministry of Energy.

According to the ministry, the Minister of Energy of Poland constantly interacts with key companies in the fuel sector in Poland, as well as with the European Commission and the International Energy Agency, “which allows for the effective coordination and adoption of adequate and quick measures”. “Thanks to the above actions, there is no threat of interruptions in the supply of fuel to the domestic market,” the Polish Energy Ministry stated.

On Monday, the press secretary of the Belneftekhim concern, Marina Kostyuchenko, said that Belarus was ready to resume the transit of Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline after receiving confirmation from Ukraine and Poland. “We are ready to start pumping, we are waiting for confirmation from Ukraine and Poland,” she noted.