OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa will take the initiative to introduce a state of emergency in the field of energy due to the risk of stopping gas supplies to the republic. This issue will be discussed at a meeting of the commission on emergency situations, as well as at a meeting of the government of the country.

«I will put forward a proposal to ask the parliament to impose a state of emergency in the field of energy, if my initiative is supported, then tomorrow I will go to parliament», Gavrilitsa said.

Earlier, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova Andrew Spynu recalled that Moldova paid in full for the gas received in December, but it does not have enough funds to settle the advance payment for January. The introduction of a state of emergency in the field of energy «will allow us to look for extraordinary solutions» to get out of the gas crisis.

Meanwhile, Alexey Anpilogov, a publicist, president of the Foundation for Historical Research Support Foundation, said that Gazprom no longer needs a contract with Moldova for gas transit to other countries, since the company can supply fuel there in other ways. He added that Moldova, which really wanted to join the European Union, has no money to pay for gas even with a discount from Gazprom, the country's political system is based on oligarchs and the government is trying to solve all problems at the expense of the population.