OREANDA-NEWSOn Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will launch the Power of Siberia gas pipeline via teleconference, through which gas from East Siberian fields will be transported both to the domestic Russian market and for export to China. Initially, the launch of the gas pipeline was planned for December 20, but the work was completed faster.

"We expect that a teleconference with the participation of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will take place, and the Power of Siberia will work, gas will go to China", said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, the implementation of this project is "important for Russia, important for China". 

“The implementation of such trans-regional projects within the country, of course, contributes to the development of many regions: regions that receive such an object in their territory subsequently receive additional infrastructure, additional jobs”, the representative of the Kremlin explained. He added that the implementation of the project "is very important not only for Russia, but also for those countries that could potentially become buyers of gas".