OREANDA-NEWS. Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov called the announcement of large profits of the Russian company Gazprom "another fake", pointing out the stable prices of long-term contracts for gas supplies in Europe

"To sell gas, you need a seller, delivery routes and consumers. How much is spot gas now? Therefore, energy companies in Western Europe are wary of (buying it - ed.), Believing that they need to wait a little, at least until spring, then prices will fall and it will be possible to conclude contracts. It is not profitable for anyone to trade at a loss. And fantasies about Gazprom getting fabulous profits are just another fake. Under long-term contracts, the price remains stable, "he told RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona.

Answering the question about the possible role of Russia in resolving the current energy crisis, Chizhov said that Russia is participating in this "long before it (the crisis) appears, offering appropriate negotiations." According to Chizhov, we "have been acting as the savior of Europe since the Middle Ages."

“Twenty years ago there was a very cold winter in Europe, another crisis, and the then President of the European Commission Romano Prodi, just before the New Year, appealed to our president to establish an energy dialogue. And then he became the first of a series of dialogues, which eventually amounted to a dozen. with the rest of the sectoral dialogues, he was frozen in 2014, "Chizhov concluded.

Gas prices in Europe have risen sharply in recent months. Back in early August, the estimated price of the nearest future on the Dutch TTF index was about $ 515 per thousand cubic meters, and by the end of September the figure had more than doubled. At the same time, since October 6, having reached a historical maximum of 1937 dollars per thousand cubic meters, gas prices began to decline, and on Thursday it was already below 1000 dollars.