OREANDA-NEWS. In March, the energy corporation Gazprom (Russian monopoly exporter of natural gas abroad through pipeline deliveries) exported gas worth 1.776 billion US dollars, it is less by half in comparison with the amount received from gas exports in March 2019 (3.713 billion dollars). This is evidenced from data of the Federal Customs Service.

The volume of exported gas decreased by 4.3 billion cubic meters: 18.4 billion cubic meters in March 2019 and 14.1 billion cubic meters in March 2020. This can be explained with the coronavirus pandemic and warm winter.

Compared with February 2020, the cost of supplies fell by 12.9 %. At the same time, the supply volume decreased by 0.7 %.

Export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia in March amounted to 457.7 million dollars, or 3 million cubic meters. As for its quantity, the volume of exported LNG increased (from 2.6 million cubic meters), but its price fell (from 510.5 million dollars).