OREANDA-NEWS. Billionaire Oleg Deripaska saw the threat of a coup in China from the Chinese coal business, which is actively resisting attempts by the authorities to limit harmful emissions.

The billionaire wrote in his Telegram channel: “On the eve of the climate summit, countries should pay attention to the fact that coal consumption is only growing: for example, it is increasing in China, whose producers burn half of all coal, as well as in India. It is clear that the Paris agreements are not being implemented. "

"The Chinese government might be happy to do it all, if only to show the world that it is capable of something. However, the Chinese coal business, which operates solely for the purpose of enrichment, is actively resisting change, and this resistance will only increase. Here the line, of course, is thin, and I would not rule out a possible coup. But the situation is absurd: a small group of greedy Chinese rich people - the greedy few - are consistently and with impunity destroying the ecology of the entire planet, "Deripaska notes.

At the end of March, US President Joe Biden invited world leaders to climate talks, the meeting will be held online on April 22-23. Among those invited to the upcoming climate summit are the leaders of Russia and China.

"Whether the upcoming summit will become a truly effective tool in the fight against global warming is a pressing question," Deripaska said. He believes that "if China really intends to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, as has been repeatedly promised, in the near future, work in these areas should be multiplied."