OREANDA-NEWS. Russia fulfills its obligations to supply gas to Europe, but does not believe that it should increase volumes only because the United States is calling for it, all issues are discussed and resolved in agreement with energy buyers, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters.

"We are fulfilling all obligations under contracts in this area, of course, as I understand it, additional measures are being taken in coordination with partners, that is, with consumers, with buyers of these products for, among other things, stabilizing the market," Ryabkov said.

When asked to comment on US calls for Russia to increase gas supplies to Europe, the Deputy Minister noted that "in any issue where there is an element of crisis or tension, they (the US) are looking for a Russian trace."

"This is reflexively, instinctively, thoughtlessly carried out constantly. There will be other situations where they will also accuse us of something, or say that we owe something to someone - we do not owe anyone anything beyond what we ourselves signed up to. in the form of contracts, which we fulfill unconditionally and in full. Something additional from these statements, which you referred to, does not follow for us in any way, "Ryabkov added.