OREANDA-NEWS. A subsidiary of Inter RAO, RAO Nordic Oy, will suspend electricity supplies to Finland at 01:00 Moscow time on May 14, according to the Finnish electricity grid company Fingrid. It is noted that the lack of electricity supplies from Russia will be compensated by an increase in imports from Sweden and the generation of more electricity in Finland.

Deliveries are suspended due to difficulties in accepting payments for electricity sold on the market, the Finnish company said.

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said earlier that Russia is an “important neighbor” for the country, but because of the events in Ukraine and security issues in Europe, relations with it are “difficult”.

Finland and Sweden have previously announced their intention to join NATO after Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine. On May 11, it became known that the countries would hand over the documents at the same time. This is expected to happen early next week.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced the country's readiness to give up gas and oil from Russia as soon as possible. According to her, we are not talking about years, but about weeks or months. At the same time, she noted that it is more difficult for other EU countries to refuse Russian energy carriers. According to her, to resolve this issue, it is necessary to look for pan-European solutions. This is not about joint financing, but about the active search for alternative energy sources, Marin concluded.