OREANDA-NEWS. The Chairman of the foreign Committee of the Bundestag Norbert Rettgen has proposed a moratorium on the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream — 2». Rettgen's words are quoted on Friday, February 5, by the German public radio station «Deutschlandfunk».

According to the politician, such a decision should be considered not as sanctions against Moscow, but as a «pause for the start of negotiations». The head of the committee believes, that if it would be possible to exclude the use of the pipeline as a geopolitical weapon against a number of Eastern European states, then cooperation with Russia in the field of energy policy could be continued.

At the same time, Rettgen added, that the federal government should have already made sure, that «Nord Stream – 2» was controversial. This applies in particular to countries such as Poland and France. Germany will not get anything from this project, because it has nothing to do with the energy supply of Germany, says Norbert Rettgen.

Representatives of the German opposition earlier, on February 1, called on the German government to reconsider it's position on the further construction of the «Nord Stream — 2» gas pipeline after a tough crackdown on protests in Russia, aimed, in particular, against the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. «This is the gas pipeline of Putin, and it should not be completed», said co-chairman of the «Green Party» Robert Habeck. He stressed, that this is a project that «has been splitting Europe for a long time».