OREANDA-NEWS. The Kiev authorities will have to "crawl on their knees to Moscow" due to the lack of coal for power plants, Oleg Voloshin, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, said on Facebook.

So he commented on the reports that at two of the three thermal power plants of the state-owned company "Centrenergo" coal remained for several days of work.

Voloshin recalled that the head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, spoke "in pretentious terms" about the "hook of dependence on Russia" on which the leader of OPSZ Viktor Medvedchuk, who helped negotiate the supply of Donbass coal to Ukrainian thermal power plants, had hung Ukraine on.

"It seems that in the very near future Bakanov and his companions in power will have to crawl to Moscow on their knees so that the citizens left without electricity and heat will not hang them on hooks. Or are they thinking of running away to apartments in London?" The deputy asked.

Last week, the SBU filed a new charge against Medvedchuk of treason and aiding terrorism. According to Bakanov, the head of the HLE is suspected of organizing coal supplies from the Donbass territory, which is not controlled by Kiev, in collusion with the top leadership of Ukraine in 2014. The court put Medvedchuk under house arrest. He said that at that time there was no ban on such supplies, and the enterprises paid taxes to Kiev.

The fact that the situation with coal reserves at TPPs is deteriorating was announced yesterday by Ukrenergo. According to him, by the end of last week coal in the warehouses was 3.9 times less than it should be. So, at the Zmievskaya TPP, it will be enough for only a day of work, at Uglegorskaya - for three, and at Zaporozhye and Burshtynskaya - for five.