OREANDA-NEWS The price of Brent crude oil futures by 4:30 Moscow time on September 24 reached $77.74 per barrel, which is a record level since July 6 this year, according to data from the ICE intercontinental exchange. On that day, the maximum cost of fuel reached $77.84 rubles per barrel.

At the beginning of the second summer month, the price of Brent exceeded $77 per barrel for the first time since October 2018.Then the fuel gradually began to become cheaper, on August 23, its minimum price fell to $64.6 per barrel. Then the futures of this brand began to rise in price again.

At the close of yesterday's trading, Brent was worth $77.25 per barrel. Today at 9:55 Moscow time, it rose to $77.56 per barrel (about 0.4%).

WTI crude oil futures are also growing in price. By 4:22 Moscow time, they were trading at $73.64 per barrel. This is the maximum since August 2. At the close of yesterday's trading, fuel cost $73.3 per barrel, and by 9:55 Moscow time today - $73.45 (+0.17%).

Earlier, Bank of America analysts said that due to a gas shortage amid a cold winter, oil may rise to $100 per barrel in the first quarter of 2022. Experts assessed the current macroeconomic situation as extremely favorable for oil-producing companies.