OREANDA-NEWS. New US Department of Justice restrictions against the project Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will show a reluctance to forge a constructive relationship with Russia. First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, Vladimir Gutenev, said this in an interview with RT.

“We see a number of prerequisites for toughening up the confrontation, and sometimes there is a feeling that our readiness to soften the negotiating position provokes our counterparties to take new steps,” the deputy said.

He stressed that in any issues that concern Russian individuals, including sanctions, it is necessary to give a symmetrical answer.

At the same time, Gutenev is confident that the Nord Stream 2 project will be completed. "The implementation of Nord Stream 2 depends on our political will and on the political will of our partners, primarily Germany, which is increasingly gaining political independence," the State Duma concluded.

Earlier, Politico, citing a source in the US administration, reported that the US Justice Department had approved two packages of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, but a final decision had not yet been made.

Blacklists agreed by the ministry influence the operator of the project - the Swiss company Nord Stream 2 AG and its head Mathias Warnig. The Nord Stream 2 restrictions packages will be introduced to Congress in May. The final solution will be made by President Biden, and it is not yet clear whether Nord Stream 2 AG and Warnig will make the final list.