OREANDA-NEWS. Russian «Gazprom» waited for the moment when gas reserves in France (the lowest among European countries in percentage terms) fell below 30%, and recalled the growth of Russian gas supplies to the republic. According to «Gas Infrastructure Europe», gas reserves in underground storage facilities in France decreased to 29.04%.

«The demand for natural gas in Europe continues to grow against the background of a cold, frosty winter, and the occupancy of European underground storage facilities continues to decrease. Gazprom's gas exports to France have increased almost one and a half times since the beginning of 2021», the official Telegram-channel of the Russian company said. A day earlier, «Gazprom» reported, that in the first six months of 2020, Russian gas supplies to France increased by 43.7%.

Earlier it was reported, that «Gazprom» lost the first place in capitalization to «Rosneft». On February 15, the market value of the oil company on the Moscow Stock Exchange reached 5.5 trillion rubles. Gazprom's backlog is estimated at 0.1 trillion rubles. «Rosneft» rose in price due to the growth in the value of the company's shares. During the day, the stocks increased by 2%.