OREANDA-NEWSThe pipeline company changed the general director of its subsidiary Transneft-Druzhba, which acts as the operator of the Druzhba main oil pipeline. Roman Kamozin appeared in the list of affiliates of the Novorossiysk Sea Trade Port (also a subsidiary of Transneft). The reason given is the election of Transneft Druzhba as the general director. Oleg Bogomolov has been removed from this list. The reason is the termination of the powers of the general director of Transneft Druzhba.

Kamozin, as they say in a later report from Transneft, has worked in the company since 1995, almost all of his career is associated with Druzhba. In 2017, he became deputy director and chief engineer of Transneft Upper Volga.

The reason for changing the CEO of the company isn't specified. An official representative of Transneft referred to the company's message and refused to comment further. An acquaintance of Bogomolov told the Russian media that he was sent into retirement at his personal request. “Bogomolov retired. He completed the process of cleaning "Druzhba" from oil with organochlorine. From July 1, the net oil went to Europe, and he was released at his own request”, said the media source. Bogomolov headed "Druzhba" since February 2012. He was born in 1962.

Information about the change of the CEO of Transneft-Druzhba appeared the day after the pipeline company announced the full resumption of deliveries to Druzhba. Pumping through the pipeline was stopped in April, after a high content of organochlorine was recorded in the oil. In May, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the total damage from dirty oil in Druzhba will be less than $ 100 million. Both Russian and European refineries suffered.