Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak
17.05.2021, 14:28
According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the ability to increase the volume of gas supplies to Europe at any time is one of Russia's competitive advantages in the market.
Solzhenitsyn's Son Heads Russia's Largest Coal Company
18.05.2020, 14:03
Stepan Solzhenitsyn headed the largest coal company in Russia - SUEK
Ukraine Introduces a Special Duty on the Imports of Electricity and Coal from Russia
18.03.2020, 18:01

It will enter into force on April 1.

Polish Miners Blocked Paths in the south of Country, Protesting Against Coal Supplies from Russia
18.02.2020, 14:17
According to protesters, Russian coal robs them of jobs and the opportunity to get higher salaries
Polish State-owned Companies Refused to Import Coal
06.02.2020, 15:23

This was announced by the Minister of State Treasury Jacek Sasin.

Mechel Shares Rose almost 60% in Two Days
09.01.2020, 10:32
Following the auction on January 8, the value of ordinary shares of companies on the Moscow Exchange increased by 30.8%
Gas-Alliance Lost Its Monopoly on Coal Exports from the Donbass
24.12.2019, 21:05

The company became the only supplier of coal from the territories of the DPR and LPR in March 2018.

Abramovich's Company Announced Suspension of Coal Exports through Ukraine
18.12.2019, 09:58
Evraz Roman Abramovich had problems supplying coal to Europe through Ukraine; Russian Railways did not agree on applications for its transportation
Belarusian Oligarch Has Become a Supplier of Russian Coal to Ukraine
12.12.2019, 08:17
NT Marine, close to the Belarusian businessman Nikolai Vorobyu, received quotas for the supply of more than 600 thousand tons of Russian coal to Ukraine
Russian Energy Ministry Expects Doubling of Coal Export to China Within 10 Years
13.11.2019, 14:52
Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Anatoly Yanovsky noted that already in 2019 he expects an increase in coal exports to China by 27% - up to 35 million tons
Two People Injured in a Mine Explosion in Germany
08.11.2019, 13:12
At the time of the explosion, 38 people were in the mine; They are all saved
The Largest Private Coal Company in the USA Declared Bankruptcy
29.10.2019, 21:50

Murray Energy is already the eighth coal producer in the country which filed for bankruptcy since October 2018.

Russian Coal Exports to Ukraine in July Rose to almost 400 Thousand Tons
09.09.2019, 10:10
This happened amid growing shipments of large exporters
India Intends to Intensify Energy Cooperation with Russia
02.09.2019, 11:21
During the Eastern Economic Forum, the parties are planning to sign several agreements related to oil, gas and coal


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