OREANDA-NEWS. The mayor of the city of Shostka in the Sumy region of Ukraine, Mykola Noga, was outraged by the high prices for blue fuel. The official announced this on January 15 on the air of the Nash TV channel.

“The heating season is extremely difficult, the price of gas is crazy <...> Tariffs remained the same, but additional payments for transportation and heating were introduced. And this worries people, ”said the mayor.

Gennady Ryabtsev, deputy head of the Psyche scientific and technical center, warned about high gas prices in Ukraine on December 6. On the same day, the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy announced that the price of imported gas had quadrupled over the year, to $730.6 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. At the same time, in November 2020, its average cost was $182.5 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m.

On December 1, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov noted that before in Ukraine "at least the economy was growing and living standards were rising, but now all this is in the past." This is how the senator reacted to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to refuse to influence gas pricing.

Prior to that, on November 25, a rally was held in the center of Kiev against the increase in tariffs for utilities. The posters of the audience read: “Zelensky, stop bullying!”, “Help, our children are hungry, because we paid for a communal apartment!”, “We will not pay!”.