OREANDA-NEWS. US authorities approve of further sanctions against the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, which should supply Russian fuel to Germany. This was announced by the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to journalists of the newspaper Handelsblatt.

The politician said that he met with American senators and members of the House of Representatives last week. According to Grenell, both the Republican and Democratic parties of the USA approved the idea of imposing new restrictions. The diplomat added that, despite the election campaign, the legislative process can go quickly.

Handelsblatt notes that it is not yet clear what the new sanctions will be, but the US authorities hope to prevent the commissioning Nord Stream 2, if they are not able to stop its construction. The newspaper adds that Washington is also considering sanctions against buyers of Russian gas.

The German government disapproved of this idea. “The period when all the countries of the world are under tremendous pressure because of the coronavirus pandemic is not the time to launch… extraterritorial sanctions that violate human rights,” a representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany said.