OREANDA-NEWSThe United States, Britain and Turkey last year significantly increased imports of Russian crude oil. This is evidenced by the data of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), which studied the Russian media, and confirm the data of customs statistics of the respective countries. Exports to China, the Netherlands and Germany in monetary terms didn't change significantly.

The Department of Economic Development has previously noted that U.S. sanctions against Iran and Venezuela helped Russia increase physical oil exports in 2019. A significant contribution to this was made by purchases from Turkey (due to the resumption of US sanctions against Iran) and the United States. The Ministry of Economic Development referred to the Federal Customs Service data for January-November 2019.

In October 2019, Russia became the second largest supplier of oil and petroleum products to the United States amid US sanctions against Venezuela. At the end of 2019, crude oil exports from Russia to the United States, according to the FCS, amounted to almost $ 2.2 billion, which is 2.4 times more than in 2018.

In general, if you look at the statistics of the Federal Customs Service on oil supplies from Russia abroad, in 2018 the United States closed the twenty largest buyers of Russian raw materials, and by the end of last year they climbed to 12th line. The United Kingdom, in turn, entered the twenty largest buyers of Russian oil and took 18th position.