OREANDA-NEWS. Since the beginning of Tuesday, November 9, the transit of Russian gas to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline has increased 2.5 times compared to Monday night, to more than 850,000 cubic meters per hour. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing data from the German gas transport operator Gascade.

"Gazprom" began restoring gas pumping in this direction the day before, at first the volume reached 330-365 thousand cubic meters per hour. On Monday morning, no gas was being pumped between Germany and Poland in either direction.

From Poland to Germany supplies stopped on 30 October. Moreover, after a while, gas started flowing in the opposite direction. Five days later transit tried to be restored, but a day later it was back to reverse.

On Sunday, 7 November, the head of the Ukrainian Gas Transit System (GTS) Operator, Serhiy Makogon, said that Gazprom had more than doubled its pumping (by 54 per cent) compared to the beginning of November. It rose to 88 million cubic metres from 57 million cubic metres, although this is still less than the contracted and prepaid volume of 109 million cubic metres.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that from 8 November Gazprom will complete filling up Russia's natural gas storage facilities and will be able to increase supplies to Europe.