OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was pleased with the results of the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, despite the divergence of views on the construction of Nord Stream 2.

Zelensky met with Merkel in Berlin yesterday, the parties discussed issues of resolving the situation in Donbass, the construction of Nord Stream 2, which Ukraine opposes, reforms and the fight against corruption.

According to him, Merkel's views differ from his vision of the situation related to the construction of Nord Stream 2, although the parties managed to come to a common understanding of some aspects.

“Yes, we have different views on Nord Stream, but, nevertheless, I believe that we have made a lot of arguments ... There will be a meeting between the Chancellor and US President Joe Biden, and there they will discuss what Nord Stream 2 brings. what it will bring to Europe and what it will bring separately to Ukraine, and how to guarantee the energy security of Ukraine, and so that we do not lose from this flow if it is completed and put into operation, "Zelensky said during a conversation with journalists at the conference." Ukraine 30. Humanitarian Policy ".

The President noted that he was generally satisfied with the meeting.

“It was unexpectedly long, indeed, more than four hours, consisted of two parts. Part one tete-a-tete, we discussed some important issues, and then we discussed the agenda of our meeting in principle, and then, during the second part, I am glad that after the meeting we managed to come to a common understanding that I came with the solution of security issues and that each of the issues, starting with the Donbass issue and ending with the issue of Nord Stream 2, is all part of maintaining security in Europe. And, first of all, it is security in Ukraine, "Zelensky said.