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Oreanda-News agency is one of the first independent news agencies of the contemporary Russia. Founded in 1994 in Moscow, currently the headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. The main activity is the production of economic, political, cultural, sports news. The agency operates in a daily and round-the-clock mode. The overwhelming majority of news is available only to subscribers. More detailed information can be found in the section "About company".

At present time all news is divided into 12 newsfeeds available through the Terminal.

The newsfeed "Science and engineering news" contains about 500 messages a month, allowing to agency's clients to be well informed about the latest technical and scientific achievements. The newsfeed includes the information about the events of medicine, standardization and metrology, geodesy and cartography, hydrometeorology, much more. The newsfeed in English covers events on a wide world space.

The agency also produces the newsfeed "Science and engineering news" in Russian, which covers the events of this sphere mainly in Russia and the countries of the former USSR.

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