OREANDA-NEWS  Moscow every year increases tourist flows, said the Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

"Last year, tourist flows reached 23.5 million people," he said, visiting the Hilton City hotel at Vnukovo airport on Monday.

The Mayor noted the direction of tour flows. "These are citizens who arrive in Moscow without stopping for the night," Sobyanin explained. According to him, their number last year was about 56 million.

Sobyanin believes that the tourism industry in Moscow is becoming more and more important for the economy every year. The mayor said that revenues to the city budget taxes from the tourism industry annually amount to about 120 billion rubles.

"This is a serious income. I am sure that they will grow every year," the Mayor said. He also said that more than 50 quality hotels have been built in Moscow in recent years.

"This year, according to preliminary estimates, at the request of investors, we see that the volume of input of hotels will be about 17 quite significant objects. One of these facilities is located here, " said the mayor of Moscow. He added that Vnukovo airport " is developing well from the point of view of the hotel business, this hotel is the fourth object of high international level."

Hilton Moscow-Vnukovo Airport was completed less than a year ago. In June 2018, he received his first guests-guests and fans of the world Cup. The construction was conducted by the developer of "Vnukovo international airport" in the framework of a large program of development of this aviation hub. Investments in the construction of the hotel amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.

The operator of the hotel was the international hotel chain Hilton, for which Vnukovo Airport became the fifth hotel in Moscow. The 11-storey hotel with an area of more than 30 thousand square meters is located opposite the main entrance to the terminal a of Vnukovo airport and is connected to it by an underground passage.