OREANDA-NEWS. March 13, 2018. CUV Ventures Corp. (TSX-V:CUV) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 10% minority stake in THCG AND TECH  LLC (“Havana Consulting Group”), the foremost United States domiciled, Cuba focused Think-Tank, consulting and business advisory group. The company further welcomes, Emilio Morales; THCG CEO, TV and Media commentator, dual American/Cuban Citizen, to the Company’s Advisory Board.

Significance of the stake in Havana Consulting Group

Shareholders are informed that through the minority acquisition of Havana Consulting Group and, the ensuing equity partnership, the Company acquires guaranteed and coordinated national diffusion, in the United States, of the Revolupay® remittance app, CubaFIN lending platform and other developing facets of the Cuba Ventures Division. In April 2018, Cuba will boast a new president and, accompanying this monumental change, the United States and Cuba may well see a renewed joint vision for the future. The Company’s Cuba Division continues to ready itself for this highly anticipated financial windfall.

Corporate Rational Behind The Minority Acquisition of THCG & Tech LLC

Revolupay® targets world remittance markets, including Cuba. Analyzing Cuba’s $3.6 billion estimated annual remittance inflows, it is projected that up to 3 billion emanates from the United States, with Florida as the chief epicenter of financial origin, due to the high prevalence of Cuban expatriates living in the state. Hence, the professionally collated, current and historic Cuban market intelligence, in possession of our new equity partner, is crucial to triumph over this market. In unity with Havana Consulting Group, CUV Ventures hopes to attain the levels of market penetration sought by management and shareholders alike.

Likewise, the growing numbers American vendors selling goods and services to Cuba are expected to skyrocket in coming years. The close geographical proximity of Cuba to the United States makes both countries natural future trading partners. As we have seen over the past 6 short months, numerous United States congressmen have attended visits to Cuba in support of; U.S manufacturers, producers and vendors, especially from the farming belt, who are anxious to initiate trade with non military owned or managed Cuban entities.

No other consulting firm in the United States or, perhaps the world, maintains the up-to-date business and national financial intelligence on the Cuban market as Havana Consulting Group. The team consists of some of the most prolific and cited authors in the academic world, experienced journalists who have taken Cuba’s pulse for an extended period of time, executives who are familiar with the world of business in the U.S. as well as in Cuba, analysts and researchers with vast knowledge of the internal dynamics of the Cuban economy, the social and political situation and, attorneys who are adept at navigating the peculiar Cuban legal environment.