OREANDA-NEWS. September 15, 2016.  Speaking at Dreamforce is a fantastic experience, and if you have ever attended, you know that the quality of session speakers is extremely high.

Here we have some great do’s and don’ts guaranteed to help you join the ranks of high-caliber Dreamforce speakers!

Do: Have a catchy, clear, and concise topic and abstract.

Don’t have a topic that is too dull or broad

Do: Create a detailed abstract that tells the audience what they will learn from the session

Don’t leave potential attendees clueless about why they should attend

Do: Create a great presentation outline with a compelling story

Don’t: Ramble and go off topic

Do: Create an impactful deck that’s organized, simple, legal, and interactive

Don’t: Use too many words, making your deck illegible

Do: Practice, practice, practice

Don’t: Play it by ear

Do: Arrive early, and know which rituals prepare you best

Don’t: Show up late and feel rushed

Do: Be authentic, make eye contact, manage your speaking voice

Don’t: Leave your personality offstage, read your slides, speed your way through

Do: Allow for Q&A

Don’t: Run away after the presentation


Need more presentation tips? The Salesforce Blog has got you covered:

Check out our infographic below for additional tips, from watching your body language to telling a story to an old favorite: practice, practice, practice!

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