OREANDA-NEWS. September 23, 2016. Emineo Marketing Solutions has been highlighted more than a few times this year for their unparalleled career growth opportunities. As their dream of spanning coast to coast continues to come to fruition, the company announces their latest expansion to Denver, Colorado.

Eddie Rodriguez, Director of Operations for Emineo Marketing Solutions assisted in the expansion of Randy Garcia this September. Unlike any of Emineo Marketing’s previous promotions, Randy has been a long time friend of Eddie. “Randy has seen me grow both personally and professionally for years. He has seen my company flourish from a start up company to one of the fastest growing firms in the state of Nevada,” says Eddie.

The most unique aspect of this dynamic is that Emineo Marketing Solutions prides themselves on promotion from within. “Randy started at the ground level of the business just as all of our associates do. Within mere weeks he had clinched the record for the most productive week on a national scale. The numbers Randy was achieving was literally unprecedented, we had never seen anything like it,” says Eddie.

Within weeks of the Denver expansion, Ray Langston, another of Eddie’s associates was offered the opportunity to take on a piece of the Las Vegas market to launch a new test campaign. Days after the announcement, Emineo Marketing Solutions promoted a third associate, Taylor Davis to Assistant Director. Though the company remains tight lipped about the location of the next expansion, it is evident Taylor will be the next of several big moves to be expected from Las Vegas.

As the dust begins to settle in Denver, the management staff at Emineo Marketing Solutions hits the drawing board once again. Projections depict the company will total over twenty locations spanning from Sacramento, California to Charleston, South Carolina by the end of the year. Eddie explains, “The Denver market was just the beginning of a huge surge. The Denver territory is astronomically different than Las Vegas. It has opened so many doors for future expansion and we have never been more excited.”