OREANDA-NEWS. September 29, 2016. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a \\$13 million loan to help finance Argentina’s Ministry of Treasury and Public Finances’ institutional strengthening program, which seeks to enhance the agency’s economic policy impact on mid- and long-term sectorial policies.

The program aims to improve the economic policymaking process, strengthening related technical capabilities and coordination between the Ministry of Treasury and Public Finances and other ministries involved in the design of mid- and long-term sectorial policies. 

Its components include efforts to improve the technical quality of the Secretariat of Economic Policy and Development Planning’s knowledge generation process, and to boost the availability, access and circulation of information among different Secretariat’s units in order to facilitate the decision-making process. 

Other goals include implementing actions and developing products to help the Ministry have at its disposal reliable and up-to-date information on contingent liabilities related to legal causes affecting the State through a more effective control and more efficient handling of court cases it is directly involved in. 

Additionally, harmonization and institutional alignment moves will be taken in order to generate tools and incentives aimed at improving the Ministry’s coordination with external sectorial entities. 

The IDB’s \\$13 million loan is for a 25-year term, with 4.5 years of grace, and carries a LIBOR-based interest rate. Argentina will provide \\$5 million in local counterpart funds. 

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