OREANDA-NEWS. Imports of passenger cars in Russia for eleven months of 2016 fell by 22.6% to 244 thousand cars. According to the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia, during the reporting period it was imported cars worth 5 billion 483.2 million dollars to Russia. At the same time from foreign countries it was imported 232.8 thousand cars worth 5 billion 318.3 million dollars, from CIS countries - 11.2 thousand cars worth 164.9 million dollars.

Imports of trucks in January-November fell by 9.2% up to 17.7 thousand vehicles with the total cost of 897.2 million dollars. Among them 14.5 thousand trucks worth 476.3 million dollars were delivered from foreign countries, the rest 3.2 thousand vehicles worth 420.9 million dollars - from the CIS countries.

Export of passenger cars from Russia for eleven months of 2016 fell by 30% and it was 60.9 thousand units worth 993 million dollars.