OREANDA-NEWS. October 03, 2016. Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) will offer enhanced Designated Liquidity Provider (DLP) rebates for exchange traded products (ETPs). A summary of the changes are below:

  • Nasdaq will be changing the name of Lead Market Maker to Designated Liquidity Provider.
  • Nasdaq will off the following standard trade rebates to DLPs.

Less than 500k Between 500k and 5 Million Greater than 5 Million
\\$0.0047 \\$0.0042 \\$0.0036

  • Nasdaq will offer enhanced rebates for new products. New products will be offered enhanced DLP rebates for a period of three years.

0-12 months of product launch 12-24 months of product launch 24-36 months of product launch
\\$0.0070 \\$0.0065 \\$0.0055

  • DLPs will be offered additional incremental trade rebates based on the number of ETPs taken on as DLP. Additional incentives will apply to a DLPs trading activity across Nasdaq ETP primary listings.

Tiers 1 2 3
Minimum Number of Assigned ETPs as DLP 10 25 50
Incremental Tape C ETP Rebate \\$(0.0003) \\$(0.0004) \\$(0.0005)

To encourage increased DLP participants, Nasdaq will extend an incremental additional Tape C ETP rebate of \\$0.0001 to any DLP with less than 10 DLP assignments, but that increases the number of ETPs for which it is a DLP by 100%. A DLP receiving its first assignment will count as a 100% increase. This incremental rebate is only available for the first 100% increase and thus is not available for subsequent increases of 100%.